NuSpatial prides itself on its ability to create meaningful solutions for its customers as well as the general public from the data collected from our scanning platforms. We are able to produce scaled imagery, 3D representations and visualizations that allows our customers to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. We continue to engage our customers as well as potential customers by asking them a simple question; "What problems do you face everyday?", and from there we listen. Our Future Solutions are potential product lines and applications conceptualized from those conversations that might one day hit the market. If you would like to learn more or submit a potential Future Solution let us know! We can be reached at info@nuspatial.com.


Leveraging XactSpace's scan of existing spaces we are considering building an application that supports multiple safety and productivity functions that all start at the source of the core floorplan from a mobile, tablet or desktop view. For safety it would allow for occupant tracking, indoor navigation and emergency exit navigation to name a few. Then for productivity we would have device and room connectivity to show users what is occupied, unoccupied, busy or free, as well as many other key office productivity needs. Maintenance and building engineers would be able to manage the facility from a crowd-sharing level with users reporting problems and issues throughout the day that can be managed and queue based on priority levels as well as overall asset management.  Being that safety is a huge priority for the creation of the applications, consideration has been given to bringing first responders opinions to their needs and the possibility or pushing floorplan sharing to their level in times of emergency. NuSpatial will continue to research true market needs and will assess a potential application build in the year 2017.

Office & Special Storage
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