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A faster, streamlined, accurate process for as-built and building modeling, XactSpace lowers the cost of measuring spaces while making it more precise and convenient. XactSpace is fast…so fast that it is significantly more cost-effective than old-fashioned methods. Rather than requiring the expensive time of an architect to take all the measurements and then enter them into software to create a 2D rendering, XactSpace handles the entire process—with better accuracy and more detail in
20 minutes, rather than 2-3 hours.


You could buy the technology yourself, but why make an investment of over a quarter of a million dollars when you don’t have to? The XactSpace experts can handle the job for you, so you get exactly what you need in a final deliverable containing only the data that is relevant to you—and you pay only for what you need. The result: accurate, relevant deliverables you can’t get anywhere else.

  • XactSpace is an as-built provider in .rvt and .dwg modeling.
  • It has the ability to bring simple CAD files or buildings without documentation into robust BIM models.
  • Our process is vertically controlled from beginning to end: Our team of experts collect necessary measurement data with XactSpace, interpret the data with our own software, and complete the design.
  • Our pricing is agile and caters to customer’s specific needs—nothing more and nothing less.
  • We also collect full video, photo and audio notes to assess the current condition of all spaces.


A supported service available to your clients, Visualization takes an as-built, CAD file, or image a step further by providing color-rich visualizations of the space in various formats. We offer three “viewing experiences,” designed to fit different needs and budgets:

  1. Full Synthetic Still: A complete, computer-generated static rendering that allows you to view the room scene or flooring. This option is easy to email or share with a client.
  2. Augmented Still: An actual photo of the room scene or flooring that has been augmented to present an end result—for example, depicting a space with the old flooring removed and the new installed. Augmented stills are ideal to view with a VR headset-capable device.
  3. Immersive & Interactive: Using virtual reality goggles, you not only have a 360-degree view of the space, but you can also interact with it.

Contact us to discuss which Visualization option would work best for your next project.

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